21st Century Kindergarten Classroom

Our primary focus is on teaching and assessing those skills our students need to thrive as 21st century learners, workers, and citizens. Listed below are some of the skills that you will see in a 21st century kindergarten classroom. This list of skills was developed by Virginia Beach elementary kindergarten teachers.

·         Generating ideas and unique solutions

·         Identifying problems, questioning strategies, and developing solutions

·         Asking how and why questions and having students defend their answer and explain their thinking

·         Using logical puzzles

·         Listening attentively and communicating ideas

·         Collaborating to solve a problem and develop a product

·         Searching for and using information from print and pictures to comprehend text

·         Retelling a story or summarizing information

·         Sharing and supporting opinions about a text, illustrations, and/or characters

·         Using technology to support learning

·         Using technology to write and illustrate stories or to dramatize a skill, or to make a movie after a field trip